Our combined experience has allowed us to drill some of the most difficult areas worldwide

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Exploration Drilling

Exploration Drilling
Geotechnical Drilling
Road Building

Our Equipment

Atlas Copco CS-1000 x 3
Atlas Copco CS-10
Fly Drills
D7 dozer x 2
D6 high track wide pad dozer

Our Facilities

Hardrock Drilling has its shop located in Penticton only minutes from its corporate office. It consists of 5 acres and a 8,600 square foot shop and office space for safety personnel. The shop and yard house many spares for equipment and down hole tooling. The shop is very organized, allowing for quick and efficient turnaround of parts if required in the field.


Yukon Nevada Gold Corp — Ketza River — Yukon

Hardrock started at Ketza River in 2005 and was the sole drill contractor up until 2011. After almost 3 years of nonstop drilling, Hardrock completed over 290,000 feet during those 7 years. In the 2010, Hardrock completed over 132,000 feet alone, recognizing Hardrock as the leader in the industry over every other company drilling in the Yukon.

Fission Uranium/ESO — Athabasca Basin Saskatchewan

One of the first drill companies drilling on Patterson Lake, Hardrock had much success at getting through the deep difficult overburdens, recovery, and completion of all holes. Hardrock completed the first three phases of drill programs before the large discovery it has become today. Throughout the projects Hardrock drilled on land and on ice.

Copper Mountain Mining Corp – Princeton, BC

Hardrock Drilling has been drilling for Copper Mountain Mining since 2006 whenever drilling has been required. Hardrock follows and abides by all mines rules and regulations of BC and has a proven track record with Copper Mountain- whether the holes are deep or shallow or the ground is solid or broken. We have zero lost time for accidents at CUMTN since 2006.

Alexander Nubia International —
Abu Marawat – Egypt

Hardrock Drilling entered into a working relationship in 2010 with a large mineral exploration company to drill the Hamama and Abu Marawat areas of Egypt,


Hardrock has completed a variety of exploration projects throughout the interior of British Columbia and the Caribou Region, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Our People

Hardrock Diamond Drilling Ltd was incorporated in 2004. Started by Jordan Iannone who has been in the drilling industry since 1988 and has worked every position available in the drilling industry. With the experience and knowledge gained in the industry over28 years it has made it very easy to own and operate a drill company knowing all the facets of the industry.
Being a smaller company, we are able to maintain a very high standard for our drill crews and equipment. This translates into a loyal dedicated workforce that has not become diluted. All our people are very experienced and are continually improving work habits and safety standards. We are all committed to completing each project safely and efficiently.

Why us?

30 Years Experience

30 years experience-Knowing the drilling industry is key and that’s what we know.
How to complete projects safely, on time and on budget.
Open communication and a very experienced work force is why clients keep having us do their drilling over and over again. This experience has allowed us to complete numerous drill projects in the past 12 years and completed over 644,060 ft ( over 196 KM ) of coring.


The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association has launced DEC – Drilling Excellence Certification to establish a new, higher standard of quality in the diamond drilling industry. DEC will support drill contractors in improving health and safety, environmental and quality performance.

Environmental Policy

Hardrock Diamond Drilling is committed to protect human health, employee safety, and the natural environment; to comply with environmental regulations; to maintain equipment, premises and drill sites in environmentally sound conditions; and to comply with accepted environmental procedures.

Drill Equipment

Atlas copco CS-1000 x 3
Atlas copco CS-10
A5 skid/fly drill
Discovery skid/fly drill
D7 dozer x 2
D6 high track wide pad dozer

We got the tools

Exploration Drilling
Geotechnical Drilling
Road Building

What Sets Us Apart

Being a smaller boutique drill company with the years of experience behind us. A shop and spares and inventory like the big drill companies. Understanding this is key to minimum down time and a work force that can’t be diluted as we have a minimum amount of drills we will put to work at one time keeping the quality and integrity our clients expect and deserve.

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