Currently operating 3 CS1000 Atlas Copco drill rigs and 1 CS10 Atlas Copco drill rig.  Our philosophy is to own and operate drills that are all the same with interchangeable drill parts.  This allows for  more spare parts meaning less down time for ourselves and the client.  It also allows our drillers to move from one job to another  with no time spent getting used to operating an unfamiliar drill.  All the drills have PQ heads and chucks allowing us drill PQ upwards of 250M in depth and run HW casing through the chuck for maximium efficiency when setting and pulling HW casing. The CS Drills all run a mainline for lifting and lowering drill roads thus making it easier and safer for the workers. This minimizes the chance of injury and maximizes employee safety.
We also have an A5 skid/heli portable drill for deeper holes and fly work. We also have a discovery 2 skid/fly drill depending on what our clients require.

Supply Pumps

Like the drills, all pumps are identical.  We currently run 3 cylinder Kubota’s with 435 Bean pumps and a 4-speed transmission, leaving the drill crew free from worry about water problems originating with the pumps.  These pump units are strong and reliable and only need to be thought about when checking oils and servicing the equipment weekly. These pump units are the most widely used, reliable, and safest pumps in the industry today to assure water is always at the drill. These pump units can be mounted in a skid shack or mounted on a small trailer and pulled behind the crews vehicles.


Supplying 2 – D7G Bulldozers, again literally identical for road building, site preparation and moving the drills between holes.

D6N-LGP with winch

The D6 has very wide pads to distribute weight over a wider surface area meaning this dozer has less impact on the environment and is also the ideal dozer in softer ground conditions and muddy terrain

Hitachi Excavator

An almost new Hitachi 200 Excavator is the newest piece of equipment added to the Hardrock fleet used for road building, building sumps, sites, and trenching.  The excavator is a very versatile machine and is excellent for rehabilitation work.


All vehicles are of Ford make, ranging from the F350 diesels for doing the heavy work of pulling trailers etc., to the F150 for doing crew changes and a better vehicle in the snow and mud. All vehicles are well maintained and serviced and kept on a regular maintenance schedule. Every vehicle has spare tooling and all safety gear at all times in the vehicles. A complete Hardrock Drilling Safety Manual is also kept in each vehicle.