We’re working to continuously learn, share and improve personal safety efforts by embedding safety leadership into our culture, fully engaging all employees in safety and providing a safe work environment for all employees and contractors.

The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association has launced DEC – Drilling Excellence Certification to establish a new, higher standard of quality in the diamond drilling industry. DEC will support drill contractors in improving health and safety, environmental and quality performance.

The CDDA has supported mining companies, drilling contractors, manufacturers and suppliers since the 1940’s; Drilling Excellence Certification continues that tradition by bringing drilling contractors in synch with the rest of the minerals industry, where standards are becoming the norm.

Hardrock Diamond Drilling Ltd is a member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA).

Hardrock Diamond Drilling Ltd has adopted the following Environmental Policy, as prepared by the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association:

Environmental Policy

Hardrock Diamond Drilling is committed to protect human health, employee safety, and the natural environment; to comply with environmental regulations; to maintain equipment, premises and drill sites in environmentally sound conditions; and to comply with accepted environmental procedures.

HARDROCK safety manual version 1.6